Character, Learning, Involvement, & College Knowledge

All ECA students are enrolled in a CLICK (Character, Learning, Involvement, and College Knowledge) course during each semester of their ECA enrollment. This is a credit-earning course required for ECA Program Completion. The program is designed to assist students in their career and educational future planning utilizing the numerous ECA and EMU campus resources available during their time in the program. This course has in-person, online, and independent components, which vary depending upon the student’s year in the program. This course is a Pass/LNC class, with a passing grade set at 75%.

The CLICK Courses

1st Year & Returning Academy

9th Grade Academy and students in their 10th/11th grade first ECA "credentialing" year work though transitions from their prior educational setting to the early college campus environment in their  CLICK activities.

1st Year Syllabus

1st Year Log

Returning Students

Students who have moved through the first "phase" of the ECA program (in their 11th and 12th grade years) begin to work through the CLICK guidance curriculum in a more individualized way--handling business such as planning for college-after-ECA & thinking more concretely about their major and career pathways. 

Returning Students Syllabus

Returning Students Log

Completing Students

ECA Completers are those who are graduating in the current calendar year. Their CLICK activities include scholarship searches, college applications, FAFSA completion, and other college-going activities. Completers submit a portfolio at the end of the year, Ms. Squirewell sends text reminder through "Remind."

Completing Students Log