Ellen Fischer, PhD ~ Principal
Michelle Peet, MA, MSEdL ~ Assistant Principal
Randall D. Cooper, MA
 ~ Assistant Director
Crystal Jackson, MS
~ Sr. Administrative Assistant

Kimbrea Squirewell, MA
~ School Counselor
Taisha Fountain, MA ~ Academy and New Student Counselor
Elizabeth Brink, MA 
~ Teaching Consultant & CORE Adviser
Kenitra Webster, MA ~ Records & Technology Clerk
Lee Tooson ~ 


Wendy Benya, MS ~ Science Instructor & CORE Adviser
Amber Bishop, MA ~ History/Literacy Instructor & CORE Adviser
Jessi Burki ~  Econ/Gov Instructor & CORE Adviser
Kevin Dlugos, M.Ed ~ Social Studies Instructor & CORE Adviser
Josh Kenney, MS ~ Science Instructor 
Loujain Kouider ~ English Instructor & CORE Adviser
Drake Meadow ~ Science Instructor
Dan Priest, MA ~ History Instructor & CORE Adviser
Jayanthi Reddy ~ Math Instructor & CORE Adviser
Felix Shapiro, M.ED ~ English Instructor & CORE Adviser
Ava Spindt ~ Math Instructor
Robin Trombley, MA ~ Math Instructor & CORE Adviser
Pooja Uikey ~ Science Lab Coordinator & CORE Adviser
Grace Wallace, MA ~ English Instructor & CORE Adviser
Gina Wilson, MSE, NBCT ~ Math Instructor & CORE Adviser
Kate Yocic ~ Academy Seminar and Academic Support

WEOC Staff

David Dugger ~ WEOC Executive Director
Bryce Jackson ~ WEOC Technical Support Specialist