ECA Downloads

Schedule Request Form

Students requesting an EMU schedule should use this form to select, plan, and request their classes.


This folder contains all syllabi, CLICK logs, and other CLICK documents. 

Student-Parent Conference Prep

Students should refer to this conference prep document when preparing for conferences with their CORE. 

Requesting Transcript Instructions

Students requesting transcripts for colleges or scholarship programs should follow these instructions.

RECIM Opt Out Form

This document should be submitted by any students in an EMU schedule who would like to Opt Out of paying the RECIM fee.

Program Completion  Requirements

This folder contains all the different Program Completion Requirements. Make sure to view the one for your cohort!

Reduced Credit Waiver

This must be filled out and submitted when a ECA student is taking under a full time course load.

Academic Progress Reports

These progress reports are used when your CORE adviser or the ECA admin team needs to clarify your current academic standing.

Creating a Parent PS Account

This document gives instructions on how to fill create a Parent account for ECA's PowerSchool.



Students looking to track their personal Educational Development Plan should use this document.

Student-Parent Handbooks

ECA Handbooks for Student & Parents. Updated on a yearly basis. Make sure to view the one for your your cohort!

Request to Change Completion Term

Students who would like to change their ECA Completion Term need to fill this form out, and submit it to their CORE.

Brag Sheet

Students seeking a letter of recommendation from an ECA staff member should submit a Brag Sheet.

ECA School Profile

This document highlights the ECA Program, it's curriculum, Evaluation Standards, ECA Transcripts & more.



Here are our F19 Program Completion Requirements

This document shows the State of Michigan's graduation requirements side-by-side with the courses that make up ECA's program completion requirements.