James Kelly

English Instructor & CORE Adviser
Office: 339 King Hall
Kelly pic.jpg
James Kelly was born in New York and, by many metrics, grew up a reluctant reader. I mean, he certainly consumed media -- tons of it -- and was always reading, but he just never really dug those readings for his English class. Quite an origin story for an English teacher.

He found the best way to succeed in his classes was by tapping into his favorite fields and making connections to the material presented in class. He drew on his love of professional wrestling to understand the power of foils, baseball to make sense of the shapes of narratives, and politics to grasp the art of persuasion. 

This experience in student choice and extracting from our kids' funds of knowledge guides Mr. Kelly's educational philosophy. In crafting a curriculum that is pupil-centered and that which highlights the areas of expertise our student-geniuses already possess, Kelly is hoping to bring even those supposedly reluctant readers out of their shells.

B.A. Long Island University
M. Ed University of Michigan